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Welcome to Advantage Best Enterprises Thank you for visiting our website.

Founded on May 30,2016 by Business Owner Joel Coke to lower the cost of general construction and providing partnered real estate services as an advertising sales agent, broker and referral agent through real estate companies and also on the estate book.

Advantage Best Enterprises is organized as a group of companies in general construction, general contracting, property maintenance, building remodeling, advertising agency in collaboration with Lilspider Design Studios, online shopping, property advertising through the estate book, complete real estate services and real estate development.

Advantage Best Enterprises provides it products and services as customized tailored solutions to the needs of its customers. We have a dedicated professional team spanning: General Construction, repair and alteration of buildings including the erection of prefabricated buildings or structures of concrete on sites.

Property Maintenance Team Outsourced Real Estate services and development team Online Shopping Shipping and Freight Forwarding Services Team

ABE Construction and Real Estate Services is the main branch business division at Advantage Best Enterprises.
We trust that we will be able to assist you whether you are building, remodeling, building or addition to a property to take advantage of one of the many other complete one stop shop construction and property services


We deliver quality

ABE Construction and Real Estate Services (ABE CARES) uses the best world class quality construction technologies to bring your dream home or commercial building into realty by using the best materials and fully trained construction team backed by our expertise and professionalism.

Always on time

We strive to always honor deadlines in delivering the building project in a timely manner within your budget

We are pasionate

ABE Construction and Real Estate Services (ABE CARES) truly care about every build contract you our valued client gives us to build decorate and renovate. We also provide a complete range of contacted real estate services by our in-house real estate dealer and agents.

Professional Services

We provide complete and full packaged solution general construction, general contracting, building remodeling and manufacturing, and contract real estate services. We also do construction repairs,demolition and erection of pre-fabricated buildings and structures of concrete on sites


Our Services


Trust the Professionals at ABE Construction and Real Estate Services to be your general contractors/Real Estate Agent. Whether building your dream home, building addition ,alteration of buildings or building remodeling, or building conversions, ABE CARES can get the project/s or job/s done with quality, impressive architectural design, function,professional craftsman and workmanship with all your needs met in budget at impressive competitive rates. Speak with a ABE CARES General Contractor today and get started.

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Our Services


General Construction,General Contracting,Building Remodeling and Manufacturing including pre-fabricated buildings. Construction,Repair and Alteration of buildings including the erection of pre-fabricated buildings or structures of concrete on sites. Tiling Fencing Carpentry/Roofing Electrical Installation Contractor Services Plumbing Contractor Services All types;Residential and Commercial Construction Awnings Plants Cut Stone Windows and Doors Landscaping Lawn Cutting,Care and Maintenance Our landscaping services range from beautifying your existing area to preparing an area for construction. Cut Stone Road Construction and Repairs

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Our Services


ABE Architectural Designs and Plans. House/Building Plans drawn at low cost to competitive rates!. 3D Views Estimates Bills of Quanties Other Related Architectural Services

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Customer Reviews

I was introduced to Advantage Best Enterprises in January 2018 for I need to build my house the service was excellent. I got my house done in a timely manner and within my budget,I would recommend Advantage Best Enterprises.Ann-Marie Goodall


Mary Sadler

A good friend of mine recommended Advantage Best Enterprises to me stating they provide excellent service,fast turnaround time to buy my House.


john smith

Advantage Best is really the best. They help me find the exact house I was looking for to rent. Thank you Advantage Best Enterprises


Shakeena Bailey

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